Piscazzi’s Pizza

The main thrust of Piscazzi’s Pizza is the hunt for a sadist who rapes and kills women in fictional Cuyahoga City, Ohio. Two friends, reporter Richard Sandrini and police captain Ralph Lee Macintar, search for the killer and each – because of their dysfunctional occupations – keeps information about the homicides from the other. Sandrini becomes a suspect early on, and sexy pizza proprietress Vicki Piscazzi throws a wrench into their friendship. The knowledge that Sandrini acquires about the 1970 student shooting exposes a conspiracy that promises to make Kent State University the lead story nationwide for the first time since the 1970s.

My Writings

Piscazzi’s Pizza: Chapter 1

A novel by Don Fred Foward   from Richard Sandrini’s Breeshbrosh Dictionary, Notebook 101: *  breesh – noun, singular. (1) a practical joke; (2) a practical joker; (3) a female; (4) a breast; (5) an offensive person;  (6) an unacceptable person, act, or...

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Tough Cookie

excerpts from Piscazzi's Pizza After it opens at midday until it closes at different hours in the wee morning, the Bennedix Road Tavern is filled with smoke.  Two shoe-box rooms have pinewood walls and tiled floor.  Everything smells like beer and cigarettes.  Drug...

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My Encounter With Bigfoot or Something Else

            I believe I saw a bigfoot a few years ago when I was driving through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park during the cold season.  I can’t tell you what year.  It was sometime before 8:45 a.m. because that is when I was due at work.  I saw it from where...

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Bastard Buzzard Birds

excerpts from Piscazzi's Pizza             The police captain had been dishonest with a reasonably honest news reporter and a good friend.  He disliked giving Andronio carefully worded evasions.  Yet it was better all the way around if his friend was discouraged from...

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Excerpts from Pieces of Only Nothingness      Several motorcycles traveling together made their way across the bridge during a moment of light traffic, and Sandrini recalled another sad truth: While the Iroquois, by tradition, scalped only male warriors from enemy...

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My Blog

Justice Denied

Four  dead  in  Ohio - Crosby,  Stills,  Nash,  &  Young The Event I cruised into the city of Kent, Ohio, on May 4, 1970, around noon and minutes before the shooting that left four of my Kent State University classmates dead. That was Monday, a fine spring day in...

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Shades of Tiananmen Square

The shooting that occurred at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, was an unusual event: Rarely have American soldiers unleashed firearms at students on university property, and never with such dire results. When the fatal shots were fired, the crowd around the Ohio...

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Of a Piece With My Growing Up (an essay)

What follows is a personal history of events surrounding the wounding and killing of Kent State University students on the Kent campus, May 4, 1970.  Written by Mary Louise Erdy, KSU class of 1973.                           Of a Piece With My Growing Up by Mary...

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Soliloquy (a commentary)

To present my vision of the May 4, 1970, shooting at Kent State University, I have written a fiction about a sadistic killer performing grisly tasks. Although I invented a sadistic serial killer, it is not my intention to glorify serial killers.  Their gruesome works...

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Piscazzi’s Pizza: A Statement of Purpose

            Perhaps it is safe to say that most men seek purpose.  I am no exception. In 1975, four months after I refused an interview that might have gotten me a nice position with Ohio’s state government, I stood beside a busy four-lane street in Los Angeles,...

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Book Reviews

Take a Good Look at The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo

.           The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo is an unusually lengthy murder mystery and an especially good one. The character development is outstanding, and the plot is as thick and busy as honey bees on a hive. .            The novel is set in Sweden, and Swedish...

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Djibouti Is Un-American

.          Elmore Leonard’s Djibouti is not like the crime thrillers Leonard has given the settings of Detroit and Miami. Nor does the plot hang out in Los Angeles, like Leonard’s Get Shorty. .          Djibouti occurs along the coast of Africa, and yet it seems as...

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An American Tragedy Is An American Prize

               .          Great literature is marked by great character development, and Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy nearly hits that mark. This lengthy novel follows the exploits of a misguided male who runs from the law through several states. An American...

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